What is Refractive surgery?

Laser refractive surgery is a comfort surgery aimed at correcting one or more cumulative visual defects, namely myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia.

The goal is to reduce the dependence on glasses or lenses, to access a new vision without constraint for outdoor activities, sports or professional.

The principle is to make a lenticule in the thickness of the cornea to allow a deep remodeling of the corneal curvature to the Laser.

In Tunisia there are several techniques:

  • Relex
  • PresbiViz
  • Lasik
  • PKR

Any questions you ask, will be addressed during a first assessment, which will among other things to check if you meet all the criteria to qualify for refractive surgery.

At the end a synthesis will be made to explain the different surgical options, the choice of the technique, the benefits and the risks.