It is not uncommon to note in man an excess breast volume, we speak of Gynecomastia, which can be disabling especially on the psychological level.

it may be due by:

  • Hormone dysfunction
  • Overweight.
  • Medicated taking in the long run.
  • tumor
  • Idiopathic or genetic (familial form)

The surgical approach is determined by the patient, it is personal in order to achieve a long-term and fixed solution over time.

In any case, your surgeon will prescribe a blood and radiological checkup before taking care of you.

Depending on the degree of Gynecomastia, the surgical procedure often begins with a lipoaspiration whose purpose is twofold, reduce the fat component of gynecomastia on the one hand and on the other hand facilitate dissection during the operation.

If necessary a periareolar incision is made and allows to approach the mammary gland and perform excision.

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