liposuction how it works?

localized fatty deposits are difficult to remove despite a well-controlled diet or exercise.

liposuction offers a reliable solution to this problem, it allows to permanently eliminate this excess fat.

this technique does not apply only to the belly, it can be practiced on other parts of the body:

  • thighs.
  • the back.
  • Inner face of the knees.
  • calf.
  • Hips “love handles”
  • Arms.

Face, especially to remove the double chin effect

Each liposuction procedure begins with a prior and mandatory consultation.

it is during this time that your surgeon can talk with his patient or patient about all the details of the procedure.

they will then be able to take stock of the areas to be treated, to agree on the expected results, the risks and the operating procedure.

The surgeon must ensure that the skin has sufficient elasticity and quality to support liposuction and to relax afterwards.

in patients wishing to reuse their fat for reinjection into the breasts or buttocks, the lipofilling technique will be explained to them.

At the end, a report is requested including a blood test and an abdominal ultrasound in search of a hernia.