Have beautiful buttocks, it is possible.

Have beautiful buttocks, it is possible.


Buttocks can be drooping, too big, too small … .. there is no single technique.

The choice of the technique depends on the preoperative clinical examination especially pre-existing shape and volume, musculature and appearance of the skin opposite and especially the motivation of the patient.

Buttocks oversized


Liposuction of the buttocks for excess fat without ptosis especially if the overload predominates on the upper and middle parts of the buttocks.

Lift of the buttocks in case of ptosis, it allows not only to correct the fall of the buttocks but to curve them without the use of prostheses.

Lack of volumes (Lipofilling of the buttocks also called BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift))


After liposuction, the fat removed is then purified and injected into the buttocks.

This assumes that there is enough fat to collect in the patient. this technique allows to increase the volume and redraw the contour of the buttocks to make them more beautiful.

Prosthetic buttocks


they look a lot like breast prostheses, in their shapes and design. they are incised at the level of the intergluteal groove which makes the scar little visible.

this technique is indicated for lean patients who do not have enough fat to collect.