Breast augmentation with implants or lipofilling ?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves increasing the volume of the breasts.

For this, and for the most natural result, we use different methods, with or without implants.

Breast Augmentation by Implant

After an initial consultation with your surgeon, you will have all the necessary and specific information for your case.

This step will allow you to choose after trying different types of implants in the office:

The size and shape that suits you: anatomic or round breast prosthesis (low profile, high and extra high)

The desired scar: Axillary, sub-mammary, periareolar.

The location of the implant: Sub muscular (behind the pectoralis major muscle), Retro-glandular.

In the case where the breasts fall, a complete roundareolar scar (Round block) or a scar in T may be necessary.

At the end of the first consultation, a preoperative assessment will be prescribed to the patient, it is composed of a blood test, breast ultrasound and a mammogram.

Breast augmentation with lipofilling

Breast lipofilling, or injection of fat into the breasts, can be an alternative or supplement to the placement of breast prostheses.

It is necessary first of all that the patient has a sufficient fat donor site, however, a patient too thin will not be a good candidate for this technique.

Indications :

Breast volume increase: For a moderate increase request (½ to 1 cup) with a medium chest already.

Correction of breast malformations: Lipofilling is also indicated in the correction of breast malformations, especially in case of asymmetries or tuberous breasts for example.